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BD Medical 367884 Vacutainer® Plus Plastic Heparin Blood

BD Vacutainer® Heparin blood collection tubes are spray-coated with either lithium heparin or sodium heparin. Samples collected in these blood collection tubes Blood Collection Tube Change for Lactic Acid to Improve tested within 30 minutes (same process for blood gas testing). Tubes will be exchanged out by Central Supply and stocked per your units par level guidelines. Beginning Monday April 2nd, the preferred sample to be collected for hospital based locations will be the GREEN (No Gel) Lithium Heparin tube


Dec 24, 2017 · A Vacutainer blood collection tube is a sterile glass or plastic tube with a closure that is evacuated to create a vacuum inside the tube facilitating the draw of a predetermined volume of liquid. Most commonly used to draw the blood samples directly from the vein. Light green:Lithium Heparin:Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), Comprehensive Green Top Blood Collection Tubes Bound TreeGreen Top Blood Collection Tube contains Sodium Heparin or Lithium Heparin. Vacutainer ® brand sterile chemistry tubes with the Hemogard closure help to protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube, as well Lithium Heparin Tube - Greiner Bio-OneVACUETTE® Lithium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes have a green top and contain spray-dried lithium heparin on the inner walls and are used for analyte determinations in clinical chemistry. VACUETTE® Lithium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes are also available with a gel separator. Sodium Heparin Blood Collection Tubes are available as well.

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LITHIUM HEPARIN tube 9mL OR 6mL OR 1.0mL microtainer (Green) Karyotyping EDTA Molecular Genomics and Infectious Molecular 6mL (Pink) EDTA 4mL (Lavender) EDTA 2mL (Translucent Lavender) TRACE ELEMENT 6mL (Navy) - Contains Clot Activator FLUORIDE OXALATE 4mL OR 1.0mL microtainer (Grey) Tube Types Clinical Pathology LaboratoriesWhole blood send filled tube. Lithium Heparin. For Lithium Heparin tests, consult our Test Directory. Green-Top Tube-Heparin. Lavendertop tube (L) Contains EDTA anti-coagulant. Invert tube 8 to 10 times. Plasma transfer to plastic vial and label with patients name , date of birth, and EDTA plasma. Whole blood send filled Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes with Lithium Heparin Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube with Lithium Heparin, Plastic, Green Closure, Paper Label, 13 x 75 mm, 3 mL. 100/BX. Stock Allocated QTY :/ Remaining QTY :/ Allocation Reset Date :B-D367880. Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube with Lithium Heparin, Plastic, Green Closure, Paper Label, 16 x 100 mm, 10 mL. 1000/CS.

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 · Web viewSamples may be collected in Heparin, sodium citrate or EDTA tubes. Use care when using heparin as an anticoagulant since an excess of heparin will give falsely high values. Use no more than 10 IU of heparin per mL of blood collected. Human Plasma can be frozen at -80(C and tested later. Materials and Equipment. Patient sample in Green-top (Heparin), Purple-top (EDTA), or Light Blue-top (sodium Green Top Tube (Lithium Heparin) (Use for Routine Green Top Tube (Lithium Heparin) (Use for Routine Chemistry, Ionized Calcium) Allow the tube to fill until blood flow ceases. Immediately after drawing, gently invert the tube 5-10 times to activate the anticoagulant and prevent clotting. Use the bar code label with