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The good toughness of 3cr13 lends it to be a good steel for things like machetes, tomahawks, and throwing knives, as well as other more general use blades that may be subjected to a bit of abuse. A pocket guide to knives- Lexicon of Blade Steel13C26 Sndvik Steel:A scandinavian steel similar to 440A Stainless but considered more corrosion resistant. (.68 Carbon, .13 Chromium) 3CR13:A Chinese Stainless steel that is similar in quality to 420J2 (AUS 4) stainless steel. The following formula is a break down in the steel:Around 13% chromium and 3% carbon.

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Feb 07, 2021 · The 3Cr13 is equivalent to the 5Cr15MoV in that both offer decent hardness and edge retention. Both grades of steel make easy to sharpen knives. While both steels offer great corrosion resistance, the 5Cr15MoV tends to perform slightly better than 3Cr13. The 3CR13 outdoes its counterpart in terms of toughness and machinability. Is 420j2 stainless steel good? - Knife UserConclusion. There is no such bad steel, it all depends on your usage and your budget, the 420J2 is a low-end stainless steel that might come handy as a survival knife, tactical knife or hunting knife, where toughness and corrosion resistance is needed, but if your usage is oriented to hardness and wear resistance, I recommend you to add SZHOWORLD Portable Aluminium Alloy Mini Knife - Pocket #Material :Aluminium Alloy handle + 3Cr13 stainless steel blade, fully meet the practical needs of daily life . #Practical without losing the sense of quality. A good knife should be sharp, durable, portable and ready to use. See more product details

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The 3cr13 stainless steel used nowadays in the knife industry comes with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. And the steel is known to be good for the reasonable price stainless steel. 3cr13 Composition. According to our research, the 3cr13 steel has a Which Blade Steels Does Kershaw Use for - Kershaw KnivesExceptionally corrosion resistant and very tough, this German stainless steel is one of the most popular steels for kitchen knives. It is very easy to re-sharpen when the time comes. HRC:5557 65Mn best 3cr13 stainless steel pocket knife - These wonderful and premium bead best 3cr13 stainless steel pocket knife are ideal for all types of household and commercial cutting purposes. The best 3cr13 stainless steel pocket knife are available in distinct varieties and can also serve specific purposes such as hunting, camping and even tactical uses. Buy these unique and sturdy products from trusted suppliers at the site.

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May 10, 2021 · The 3Cr13 is a martensitic stainless steel from China and is among the good things from this country. And its popular steel in the U.S. attracting low-budget steel buyers. Whereas 3Cr13 steel knives wont rank anywhere near professional knives, this steel is common in making metal objects like tools, springs, bearings, and bolts.