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Tensile Properties for PSL 2 Welded Pipe Grade X80M or L555M. Pipe Grade:Weld seam of HFW, SAW & COW Pipes minimum:maximum:minimum:maximum:manimum:minimum:minimum:L555Q or X80Q L555M or X80M:555 (80 500) 705 (102 300) API 5L LSAW PIPES EXPORTERS, API 5L LARGE DIAMETERS LSAW PIPES DISTRIBUTORS, API 5L LSAW LINE PIPE, API 5L API 5L Grade B PipeAPI 5L Carbon Steel PipeAPI 5L We can help supply all of the API 5L Gr. X46 PSL2 Pipe or linepipe supplies that your company needs for use in the oil or natural gas industries. API 5L Line Pipe Specifications for these pipes regulate usage for standard Grade A and Grade B pipes, with Grade X indicating stronger variants for drilling, production and transport requirements for offshore, arctic, deep well or harsher environments.

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Material Grade:PSL2:L245R or BR:L245N or BN:L245Q or BQ:L450Q or X65Q:L290R or X42R:L290N or X42N:L290Q or X42Q:L485Q or X70Q :L320N or X46N:L320Q or X46Q:L555Q or X80Q :L360N or X52N:L360Q or X52Q:L625Q or X90Q :L390N or X56N:L390Q or X56Q:L690Q or X100Q :L415N or X60N:L415Q or X60Q :L245M or BM:L450M or X65M :L290M or API 5L L555M X80M PSL2 Line Pipe X52 x42 x65 x60 x56 API 5L L555M X80M PSL2 Line Pipe API 5L L555M X80M PSL2 Line Pipe api5l pipe, api5l-b, api5l X52 X60 X65, api5l psl2 & api5l grb manufacturers Manufacturer & suppliers of API 5L L555M X80M PSL2 Line Pipe x52 pipe, x42 pipe, x70 pipe, x65 pipe, x60 pipe, x56 pipe, x80 pipe, psl2 pipes. Aesteiron Steel Pipes is a export unit of Aesteiron Steels API 5L Pipe Specification (PSL1, PSL2, SOUR SERVICE)API 5L Pipe Specification (PSL1, PSL2, SOUR SERVICE) Chemical Composition for API 5L PSL1 pipe Wall thickness 25.0 mm (0.984 in) Chemical composition for API 5L PSL1 Pipe Steel Grade (Steel Name) Wall Thickness 25.0 mm (0.984 in) Mass fraction, based upon heat and product analyses L555M for X80M 0.12f 0.45 1.85f 0.025 0.015 g g

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API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes, best quality API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes,, wide variety of API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes, API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes, India, API 5L Gr.B PSL2/2 Pipes distributor Mumbai, API 5L Grade x 52 PSL 2 Pipes, traders, prime quality API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes, Pipes, Source for API 5L Grade x52 PSL 2 Pipes,, specialize API 5L X80 PSL2 and grade L555 PSL1 ERW / Seamless pipe We are specialized in API 5l X80 PSL 2 Carbon Steel Pipes sizes 4-1/2 13-3/8, X80 Seamless Pipe Size 1/2 60NB, X80 ERW Pipe Size 1/2 24 NB and X80 SAW/LSAW Pipes Size 16 100 NB. The tensile strength & yield strength of Welding X80 material are 555 MPa and 625 MPa. API 5L X80 PSL2, X80 Seamless Steel Pipe, Grade X80 API 5L Grade X80 Line Pipe. ISO3183 L555 Material. The yield strength & tensile strength of welding API 5l x80 material are 555 MPa and 625 MPa. API 5l X80 PSL 2 Carbon Steel Pipes are available in sizes 4-1/2" - 13-3/8". X80 Seamless Pipe Size 1/2" - 60"NB, X80 SAW/LSAW Pipe Size 16" - 100" NB, X80 ERW Pipe Size 1/2" - 24" NB.

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According to the American Petroleum Institute, the API 5L X80 is a specification which covers both seamless as well as welded steel line pipes. This API 5L Gr X80 Carbon Steel Pipe is meant to be used for pipeline transportation systems. Typically, the API 5L X80 PSL1 Seamless Pipe is used in industries such as petroleum and natural gas. API 5L X80 psl2, ISO3183 L555 steel pipe, grade x80 API 5L X80 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Stock for Large Diameter Pipelines. API 5L X80 Pipe is standardization for pipeline transportation systems within the rock oil, gas, water, and fossil fuel industries. we offer API 5L X80 PSL 2 Welded pipe and API 5L X80 PSL 2 Seamless Pipe at reasonable cost. please get in touch with us as per your requirement.Our prices for api 5l x80 material are very PSL 2 pipe - API 5L GR B PSL1, API 5L X60 PSL1, API 5L X65 Solutions Inc is the largest stockist and supplier of API 5l PSL 2 Pipes from Grade B to X120. We stock pipes of Japan, Europe, Korea, China, India origin. API 5L L555M PSL2 or API 5L X80M PSL2, API 5L L625M PSL2 or API 5L X90M PSL2, API 5L L690M PSL2 or API 5L X100M PSL2, API 5L L830M PSL2 or API 5L X120M PSL2. API 5L L555Q PSL2 or

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33 rows · L555Q or X80Q L555M or X80M :555 (80 500) 705 (102 300) 625 (90 600) 825 (119 700) API 5L X80 PSL2 Seamless Pipe Suppliers, ISO3183 L555 API 5L Grade X80 PSL2 Line Pipe Supplier, Api 5l X80 Pipes Dealer Material Grade:PSL2:L555Q or X80Q L555M or X80M:X80 Pipe yield strength. Grade Permissible yield point ratio Yield Strength MPa(min) Tensile Strength MPa Elongation % (min) X80 = 0.90:555:625 700:20: