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Anti Scratch PE Stainless Steel Protective Film Stainless

Anti Scratch PE Stainless Steel Protective Film Stainless Surface Protection Film To be applied on various kinds of stainless steel surfaces and provide protecting effect, protection film for stainless steel sheet is able to prevent scraps, scratches, pollution on the stainless steel surface during transportation or processing. We can also see this film on many products in our daily life. China Custom Protective Film, Self Adhesive Film, Sticky Protective Film For Aluminum I ntroduction Protective film for aluminum will provide a wide range of protection for all kinds of Aluminum panel. Metal Surface Protection Film I ntroduction Stainless steel metal surface protection film can provide a protective barrier for many kinds of stainless steel.

Metal Surface Protection Films Protect Coated and

Whether it's a mirrorfinish stainless steel appliance or a textured painted building panel, both are a delicately finished surface that needs to remain damage free. Choosing the right temporary protective film ensures that a metal part or surface is protected throughout fabrication, storage, assembly or shipment. Protective Films for Metal, SS, Glazing, PET, Laminate The temporary protective surface film and tape by Surface Armor apply easily and remove cleanly, leaving no trace beyond a flawless finish. Surface Armor film seals in the magic for the unveiling moment that consumers have come to expect and appreciate. Our films and tapes can mask and protect almost every surface or industrial application. STAINLESS STEEL SARAS PLASTICS PRIVATE LIMITEDWe offers a wide range of innovative solutions for protection of Stainless Steel sheets having different types of surface finish and for varied applications. Our protection films have an extensive range of adhesion level, film thickness and color to match customer demand. Advantages. Provides outdoor weather resistance.

Stainless Steel Plastic Surface Protection Films

Stainless steel can be ordered from Austral Wright Metals with one of three different plastic films applied for surface protection. There are significant differences in purpose and performance of the plastic films. The films are intended to protect the surface of the stainless steel from scratches and scuffing during handling and working prior to and during installation. Surface Protection Film - Guard Protection Film Surface Protection Film. Being a quality driven organization, we are offering our clients a wide assortment superior quality Surface Protection Film which is available in various types, in order to provide different adhesion for different surfaces. Further, it provides low adhesion, for acrylic and PC sheet, polished stainless steel, Aluminum, brass plate, and other smooth surface. Surface Protection Film SPV-C-500 - NittoClear surface protection film for CO2 laser cutting. SPV-C-500 is a surface protection product using a polyethylene film, which has been developed utilizing Nitto's proprietary technology. This product is suitable for surface protection of colored steel plates during process and transportation and stainless steel during CO2 laser cutting process.

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Laser-Cutting Surface-Protection Film. Often used to protect sheet metal during fiber and CO2 laser cutting, this film is also good for other fabrication processes such as bending, stamping, and forming. You can even leave this film on finished parts for protection Temporary Stainless Steel Protection Film TapeManBlueThat's why our surface protection film for stainless steel is made in the U.S.A. for quality you can trust. This protective film is 2.5 mils thick with a medium tack adhesion, allowing for easy application and easy removal. Simple, as it should be. Additional benefits of our stainless steel protection film include: