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We engages in the production of precision machining parts and the trade of metal products. Choose our CNC Milling Parts, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service! Precision Machining Parts. Die Casting Parts. Precision Casting Parts. Extrusion, Founding, and so on. Multi-turn Valve Electric Actuators. Partial Rotary Valve Electric CNC Milling&Turning Manufacturer China,CNC Company CNC Milling&Turning. Kintec offers metal CNC machining that meets any complex design specifications. It encompasses turning, milling, drilling and tapping for a variety of metal materials. With our 3, 4 and 5-axis machinery, we can custom manufacture parts of the highest quality to meet your demands. We can produce parts of various materials

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Vacuum casting is an ideal production method for applications where trapped air is problematic. Products created using vacuum casting tend to be of high quality and offer superb surface finish. Die Casting; Die castings are characterized by very good surface finish and dimensional capacity. Parts produced using a die cast process are typically thinner-walled and smoother than those produced by the sand casting China Anodized Aluminum CNC Machined May 11, 2021 · Custom Precision Auto OEM CNC Stainless Steel/Metal Machined/Milling/Turning/Machining/Stamping / Die Casting Molding Auto CNC Parts US $1.01-5.05 / Piece OEM Custom Made CNC Milling/Turning/Drilling/Stamping/Die Casting Metal Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Auto Bicycle Machinery Precision Hardware Mold Machining Parts China CNC Precision Machining Service, CNC Milling, Die Die Casting Metal Sheet Fabrication We adopts numerous CNC machines who can offer various kinds of CNC Machining, like CNC milling, CNC turning, Grinding,Electrical Discharge Machining, Wire Cutting Machining,knurling, Bending. we are specialized on Project OEM ,Tolerances we can reach is +/- 0.01mm minimum with art of surface.

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Supply die casting parts machining Custom parts made from aluminum,brass and zinc alloys Comply with the EU Rohs standard High quality surface for all kind of die casting parts OEM casting services available according to requirements Die Casting Vs CNC MachiningDie casting is a near-net-shape process. So if you are casting rather than machining, then you use only use the material needed. The process is fast and repeatable. Any post-casting machining will be only to add in tightly toleranced features or other finishing details. This will take a fraction of the time of machining a billet from solid. Injection Mold China Injection Molding Manufacturer Most of the die castings are made from non-ferrous metals,such as Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and so on. Such as alumium alloy Die casting mold is an alumium alloy casting process that by forcing molten aluminum under high pressure into a harden mold cavity blocks. It depends on the type of the raw material of die casting parts, we could choose

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May 22, 2020 · CNC machining processes, which include milling (seen here at a Protolabs facility) and turning, can produce parts swiftly, and so are used for rapid prototyping and low-volume production. Die casting is similar to plastic injection molding. Molten aluminum, copper, zinc, or some alloy of those metals is forced into a steel die and allowed to cool. Shenzhen Selection Hardware-Tech Limited - cnc lathe Being a professional precision hardware accessories manufacturer, the company is committed to providing customers with high quality precision metal products, including of the following main business:1.CNC machining processing:including of processing with CNC milling machine, CNC lathe/CNC turning machines and CNC highlights2.Die casting/gravity casting processing:including of mold design and manufacturing, die casting Wholesale Cnc Precision Milling Manufacturer and Supplier Die casting is a metal casting process, which is characterized by applying high pressure to the molten metal using the cavity of the mold. Molds are usually made of higher-strength alloys, and this process is somewhat similar to injection molding. Most die castings are iron-free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and lead

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Jan 21, 2010 · considering zinc for die casting. Its excellent balance of desirable physical and mechanical properties, superb castability and long-term dimensional stability are the reasons why over 70% of all North American zinc die castings are in No. 3 alloy. It is, therefore, the most widely available alloy from die casting sources.Supply Non- Standard mold parts die casting Milling partsSupply Non- Standard mold parts die casting Milling parts . Model NO.:ms mold parts Price:USD 0.10-9.00 / piece Delivery:FOB Minimum order quantity:1 piece Supply Ability:10000.0 piece / Month Country of Origin:ShenZhen GuangZhou. Quantity:Contact Now Add To Inquiry