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ASME B16.20 Spiral Wound Gasket,SWG for ASME B16.5

Jul 17, 2018 · Spiral Wound Gasket is Filler materials used are Graphite, Non asbestos material, PTFE..Inner & Outer Rings are also used as per customer specifications. ASME B16.20 Spirak Wound Gasket , which is sophistically made by spirally winding a pre-formed metal strip and stuffing on the external periphery of metal winding mandrels. Garlock Metallic GasketsDENSITY spiral wound gasket 3.00 7,500 *Inconel is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc. The flexible graphite filled spiral wound gasket is widely used throughout chemical plants and refineries. Exceptional sealability and fire safety of this gasket make it superior to other types of spiral wound gaskets. Its ideal for

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A sealing element encompasses both windings and filler material. Most spiral wound gaskets in oil and gas refineries will use a flexible graphite filler material rated for high temperatures. A flexible graphite filler also allows the gasket to be more tolerant of flange distortion and joint misalignment. Non-Asbestos Spiral Wound GasketMica filler products These spiral wound gaskets are made of special clothless mica ller containing minimal organic constituents like rubber and has excellent heat resistance. Please use graphite tape line added spiral wound gaskets for places in which greater sealability is required Maximum service temperature is 750°C. Spiral Wound Gaskets The Durlon Difference! Triangle Nov 03, 2015 · For a 2 300/400/600 spiral wound gasket construction of 304SS winding (760°C/1,400°F) and flexible graphite filler (510°C/950°F), the maximum temperature will be 510°C/950°F. This is governed by the flexible graphite filler even though the 304SS winding strip is rated to 760°C/1,400°F.

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Other filler materials available are:PTFE, Ceramic, and Grafoil®. Metals:Standard metallic strip winding used is 304 stainless steel. Other metals are available - see our metals and fillers page. Allstate maintains a very large stocking inventory of spiral wound gaskets. Spiral Wound Gaskets - Hi-Tech SealsSpiral wound gaskets are designed for ASME B16.20 and ANSI B16.5 flanges. Spiral wound gaskets are available for classes 150 to 2500. Custom filler, winding strip, guide ring and inner ring materials are available upon request. Product Description:Part Numbers: Spiral Wound Gaskets - V-Seal Ltd.These versatile gaskets can be made with several design options, including inner and/or outer rings, soft facings and laser etching to your requirements. Standard Gaskets. We keep a large stock spiral wound flange gaskets in stainless steel with graphite filler, to suit ASME, DIN, BS10 and JIS specifications.

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Graphite Filler Spiral Wound Gasket Gasket Type Gasket Type Sfenry SS304 SS316 Graphite Filler Spiral Wound Gasket US $0.50 - $0.90 / Unit316L Stainless Steel - Flexible Graphite Filler - 316LSS 316 Spiral Wound Gasket, 316LSS Windings & 316SS Inner Ring, with Flexible Graphite Filler, For 1 1/2" Pipe, Pressure Tolerance, 1500#, Green Band with Grey Stripes Part Number:9000IR1500316GR1500 (Min Qty:2)