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4340 High Tensile Steel Interlloy Engineering Steels

4340 High Tensile Steel. 4340 is a 1.8% nickel - chromium - molybdenum high hardenability high tensile steel - generally supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range of 930 - 1080 Mpa (condition U) - (Rc 28 - 36).. Characterised by high strength and toughness in relatively large sections. Pre hardened and tempered 4340 can be further 4340 Steel 36CrNiMo4 1.6511 EN24 SNCM439 - Otai AISI 4340 steel is a medium carbon, low alloy steel. Otai steel is one leading supplier of 4340 steel & equivalents:36CrNiMo4, 1.6511, EN24, SNCM439 etc.

4340 steel 1.6511 36CrNiMo4 40NCD3 - OTAI Special Steel

AISI 4340 used in Oil and Gas industry and Large Machinery Strutural. 4340 Steel China Supplier and factory Otai Special Steel Supply 4340 steel in Round bar, Plate, Flat bar, Square, Forging Ring and others any shape. And provide cutting, sawing, milled, machining processing. Steel SAE 4340 PDF Down AISI 4340 (UNS G43400) - Double Eagle Alloys4340 alloy steel is a medium carbon nickel-chromium molybdenum alloy steel that creates an excellent combination of ductility, toughness, and strength after heat treating. It has good shock and impact resistance as well as wear and abrasion resistance in the hardened condition. It Available online at sciencedirect ScienceDirect.24 smooth specimens of AISI 4340 steel, .12 smooth specimens of AISI 4340 steel, shot peened, .12 smooth specimens of AISI 4340 steel shot peened and hard chromium electroplated, 250m thick, .12 smooth specimens of AISI 4340 steel, Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe thermal spray coated by

J404:Chemical Compositions of SAE Alloy Steels - SAE

Feb 01, 1991 · Chemical Compositions of SAE Alloy Steels. J404_200901. In 1941, the SAE Iron and Steel Division in collaboration with the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) made a major change in the method of eing composition ranges for the SAE steels. The plan, as now applied, is based in general on narrower ladle analysis ranges plus certain K ELEVATED TEMPERATURE FATIGUE PROPERTIES OF ELEVATED TEMPERATURE FATIGUE PROPERTIES OF SAE 4340 STEEL W. J. TRAPP MATERIALS LABORATORY iSECERBEimR 1952 Statement A Approved for Public Release WRIGHT AIR DEVELOPMENT CENTER -oo0 AP/ c2 AF-WP-(1).O.j APR s 253. NOTICES e 'When Government drawings, specifications, or other data are used for any purpose other than in connection with a SAE 4340 - irp-cdn.multiscreensiteSAE 4340 COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA C Mn MoP S Si Cr Ni 0.38/0.43 0.60/0.80 0.035 máx 0.040 máx 0.15/0.35 0.70/0.90 0.20/0.30 1.65/2.00 PROPIEDADES MECÁNICAS Estado del Resistencia a la tracción Límite elástico Alargamiento % Reducción de Dureza Brinell

The Mechanical Threshold Stress model for various

of AISI 4340 steel using experimental data gleaned from the open literature. We compare stress-strain curves and Taylor impact test proles predicted by the Mechanical Thresh-old Stress model with those from the Johnson-Cook model for 4340 steel. In addition, temperature- and pressure-dependent shear modulus models, melting temperature models,Datasheet for Steel Grades Carbon Steel AISI 4340This page is mainly introduced the AISI 4340 Datasheet, including chemical information,mechanical properties, physical properties, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and Micro structure, etc. It also contains the use of AISI 4340,such as it is commonly used in bars, sheet,plates, steel coils, steel pipes,forged and other materials application.