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ASTM A516 Gr 70, 65, 60 Steel Plate Specification - Octal

ASTM A516 Grade 70 - Common Use Grade. According to different strength levels, it divides into four grades of 55/60/65/70, and Grade 70 material is the most used one.ASTM A515 Grade 70 steel, A515 Grade 70 pressure vessel ASTM A515 grade 70 plates shall be normalized. ASTM A515 has three levels:A515 GR 60 (415), A515 GR 65 (450), A515 GR 70 (485). Equivalent material of ASTM A515 Grade 70 steel plate have JIS G3103 SB480, DIN 1715 1.0844, A48 CP,AP,FP; Fe 460-2-KW, SS21,02,01; Gr 360,400; ASTM A414 Grade F. ASTM A515 Grade 70 steel Specification. Thickness :3mm